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Gertrude Garrow

AtoZeasy Learning presents the Gertrude Garrow Reading System (GGRS)

  • The best invention since the blackboard and chalk!

    A Glassberg  – Educational Psychologist


  • Brilliant improvement in 12 hours!

    Sue Hughes – Educational Psychologist


  • Ingenious! Results are spectacular!

    J Doran – Educational Psychologist


  • …behavioral issues no longer seemed to exist.

    Gill Smith – Head Teacher, Feltham Community College


  • Now I can read and write, it changes everything.

    Katie (age 18 years), London, England


Why is the Gertrude Garrow Reading System (GGRS) so effective?

  • Unique memory aids make re-teaching virtually unnecessary. The abstraction of the letters and words is removed making learning seem like child’s play.
  •  Sing, dance, act, read, write.
  • GGRS can teach what would normally require 20 lessons in a single lesson.
  • GGRS can teach the key words that make up 75% of written English using songs and a couple of animated stories.
  • GGRS is systematic, sequential, cumulative and logical.
  • GGRS reading practice is in the form of amusing imaginative rhymes.
  • GGRS’s rhymes replace boring word lists. If you can read and write the short rhyme you have learned to read and spell the word groups.
  • GGRS is economical. It saves time and resources.
  • Adaptable. It can be used in classrooms, online, in prisons, for home schooling, self-tuition and for learning English as a second language.
  • GGRS is simple. Children can teach children.
  • Children and adults love its ability to amuse and yet teach at an accelerated rate. The fun is infectious.
  • GGRS is imaginative.
  • Bite-size chunks – easy to remember.
  • Minimum effort – maximum results.
  • Not one person taught using AtoZeasy has failed to read successfully.
  • GGRS teaches all 44 speech sounds, letter groupings, high frequency keywords and sight words of the English language to anyone with an average IQ in 30 hours or less. Documented evidence.