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A revolutionary approach to teaching reading has been developed by Gertrude Linnane-Garrow over a 35 year period. The programme can teach reading in 30 hours or less. It has been trialled since the 80’s across a number of learner groups, ranging from pre-school to adult and students with special needs such as dyslexia and always with astonishing results. This programme is now available for publication and television programmes have been scripted.

One thought on “Testimonials

  1. Gill Smith (Head Teacher – Feltham Community College) -

    “We chose students with a range of difficulties ranging from behavioral problems to non-attendance, and what became clear was that all students attended regularly, all came to look for their teacher, and behavioral issues no longer seemed to exist.

    They became less confrontational, relaxed and willing to learn, something we’d failed to achieve in the last three years…

    At the end of the course the comments the students made were amazing, they described the course as: …brilliant…fun…exciting…they loved the music and colour.

    One student said, “Miss, if I had that four years ago, can you imagine where I’d be now…it should be made an option for everyone.’”

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