Gertrude Garrow

can teach anyone to read in hours!


  • American schools are failing 1 in 4 children! 
  • Illiteracy cost employers millions.
  • Internationally acclaimed expert teaches dyslexics to read in hours.
  • Illiteracy fuels crime, racism, ill-health, truancy, unemployment and poverty.

Media Experience

  • Irish National Television (RTE) presenter and scriptwriter
  • US Neil Haley’s Education Show
  • US WHCR FM Rick Young
  • US WVTLM FM Bob Cudmore Morning Show
  • BBC Radio 4, BBC Berkshire, BBC Radio Wales
  • Times, TES, Daily Mail, Evening Standard
  • Child Education, Richmond Twickenham Times, Richmond Guardian.
  • Irish Times, Evening Herald , Evening Press, Today
  • Southside, The Connaght Tribune, PSA News
  • Pakistan Press, Dawn Lahore, The Nation

gertrude garrow

  • Creator of the Gertrude Garrow Reading System (GGRS)
  • Best selling author and songwriter
  • Award winning poet and playwright
  • Director of her own Montessori School for 10 years
  • Lecturer at Brunel University, UK
  • Presenter and scriptwriter for children’s educational programs on Irish National TV and Radio
  • Tutor for children of Saudi Arabian princes, British peers and Pakistani government ministers
  • International teacher trainer
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